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Cloth period pads

Cloth period pads

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Cloth period pads, enjoy your period with these eco friendly & comfortable cloth pads. These are much softer and gentle than the disposable ones. They are soft and comfortable, all fabric is carefully selected to ensure comfort, absorbency and they work together perfectly to reduce leaking issues. These organic pads are not lined with PUL. Wear it alone or together with your menstrual cup. 

The top layer (printed  fabric) is the one that should face up, towards your skin. it is 100% cotton fabric, all pads are backed with black anti-pill cotton fleece. The core fabric is carefully selected.

What are the benefits of using cloth pads?
-they are made out of organic cotton material, 
-chemical free
-plastic free
-nylon free
-no synthetic fibres
-no bleach

Washable & reusable:
-easy to clean,
-machine wash using cold water,
-save you money on a long run, buy them once and use them for years
-save the earth

Care instructions:
Rinse and soak them in a bucket of cold water, transfer all your soiled pads into the washing machine. Do not use fabric softener and bleach!  Hang dry or reshape it and dry it flat away from direct heat, and fireplace.
Fully absorbent after 1 wash.
~~~This cloth pad is a made to order item. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks (public holidays are excluded) to complete your order. ~~~